Exhibition of ChenYun's Achievements
Exhibition of ChenYun's Achievements
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About Chen Yun Memorial

Chen Yun Memorial is located at Chen’s hometown, Liantang Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai. It is China’s only memorial that systematically showcases Chen’s life achievements. Approved by the central government, the Memorial was built on the basis of the original site of the Former Residence Chen Yun & Qingpu Revolutionary History Museum under the direct leadership of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and the care as well as guidance of related central departments. The Memorial opened to the public on June 6, 2000, celebrating Chen’s 95th birthday, and Comrade Jiang Zemin inscribed the name for the Memorial. On June 8, 2005, Chen Yun Bronze Statue, also with inscription by Comrade Jiang Zemin, was erected at the Memorial to commemorate the centenary of Chen’s birth. The Memorial is one of the four patriotism education demonstration bases in Shanghai that have offered free admission since March 10, 2008. On May 26, 2013, approved by the central government, Former Residence of Chen Yun & Qingpu Revolutionary History Museum was renamed as Chen Yun Memorial, with the tablet of Qingpu Revolutionary History Museumbeing kept, and Comrade Jiang Zemin inscribed the name for it again.

On June 2, 2015, on occasion of Chen’s 110th birthday, the opening ceremony of Chen Yun Life Achievements Exhibition & Chen Yun Historical Relics Exhibition Hall was held at Chen Yun Memorial.







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